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What our students are saying

The Vidhyadeep Campus is very eco-friendly, full of greenery, and well maintained. The Professors are erudite. This is one of the best institute near the surat city. The class timings are quite rigid and the students do have to maintain an attendance of 75%. To be very frank the Degree Engineering College is the best institute of this Vidhyadeep Campus. If you are planning to do research in the near future, then I would say that lots and lots of research works are going on in this college.

Students Testimonials

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Student of VIEAT


Student of MicroBiology

Isha Jha

Student of VI of Physiotherapy

Aastha Jain

Student of VI of Physiotherapy

Ashish Gupta

Student of VIEAT - Electrical

Divyang Modi

Student of VIEAT - Mechanical

Priya Patel

Student of VIEAT - Electrical

Nancy Shah

Student of VIEAT - Electrical

Shikha Patel

Student of VIEAT - Electrical

Shreya Vyas

Student of VIEAT - Electrical

Kavita Shah

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