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Serial NoResult NotificationExam Name
1R89/2024Examination Result of LL. B. Sem-II, July-2024New
2R88/2024Examination Result of M.B.A. Sem-II, May-2024New
3R87/2024Examination Result of B.B.A. Sem-IV, May-2024New
4R86/2024Examination Result of B.B.A. Sem-II, May-2024New
5R85/2024Examination Result of Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing Year-I (Remedial), June-2024New
6R84/2024Examination Result of B. Tech. Sem-IV, May-2024New
7R83/2024Examination Result of B. Tech. Sem-II, May-2024New
8R82/2024Examination Result of B.C.A. Sem-II, May-2024New
9R81/2024Examination Result of B.Tech. Sem-I (Remedial), May-2024New
10R80/2024Examination Result of B.Tech. Sem-III (Remedial), May-2024New
11R79/2024Examination Result of B. Tech. Sem-VI, June-2024New
12R78/2024Examination Result of B. Sc. Nursing, Sem-I (Remedial), June-2024New
13R77/2024Examination Result of B. Sc. Nursing, Sem-II (Remedial), June-2024New
14R76/2024Examination Result of Diploma Engineering (Computer & IT), Sem-I (Remedial), May-2024New
15R75/2024Examination Result of B.Sc. IT, Sem-II, May-2024 New
16R74/2024Examination Result of B.B.A. Sem-I (Remedial), May-2024New
17R73/2024Examination Result of D. Pharm. Year-II, May-2024New
18R72/2024Examination Result of B.Sc. Sem-II, May-2024New
19R71/2024Examination Result of B.B.A., Sem-III (Remedial), May-2024New
20R70/2024Examination Result of B.Sc. IT, Sem-I, (Remedial) May-2024New
21R69/2024Examination Result of B.C.A., Sem-IV, May-2024New
22R68/2024Examination Result of M.Sc., Sem-II, May-2024New
23R67/2024Examination Result of Master of Science (M.Sc.) – Organic Chemistry, Sem-IV, May-2024New
24R66/2024Examination Result of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Sem-IV, May-2024New
25R65/2024Examination Result of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Sem-II, May-2024New
26R64/2024Examination Result of Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Mechanical, Sem-I (Remedial), May-2024New
27R63/2024Examination Result of B.C.A. Sem-I (Remedial), May-2024New
28R62/2024Examination Result of B.C.A. Sem-III (Remedial), May-2024New
29R61/2024Examination Result of B. Sc. Nursing – Sem-I, Mar-2024New
30R60/2024Examination Result of PGDMLT-2023-24, May-2024 New
31R59/2024Examination Result of Post Basic B. Sc. Nursing, Year-I, Jan-2024New
32R58/2024Examination Result of M.B.A. Sem-I, Mar-2024New
33R57/2024Examination Result of Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.), Sem-II, April-2024New
34R56/2024Examination Result of Master of Computer Application (M. C. A.) Sem-I, Mar-2024New
35R55/2024Examination Result of M.Tech Sem-1 March-2024New
36R54/2024Examination Result of B. Pharm. Sem-II (Remedial), April-2024New
37R53/2024Examination Result of B. Ed. Sem-I (Remedial), April-2024New
38R52/2024Examination Result of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) Sem-I, Exam: March-2024New
39R51/2024Examination Result of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) Sem-III, March-2024New
40R50/2024Examination Result of LL. B. Sem-I, Mar-2024New
41R49/2023Examination Result of B.C.A. Sem-I, Jan-2024New
42R48/2023Examination Result of Diploma Engineering (All Branch), Sem-I, Jan-2024New
43R47/2023Examination Result of B.B.A. Sem-III, Dec-2023New
44R46/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Nursing Sem-II, Feb-2024New
45R45/2023Examination Result of B. Sc. IT, Sem-I, Jan-2024New
46R44/2023Examination Result of B.Tech. Sem-I (All Branch), Jan-2024New
47R43/2023Examination Result of B. B. A. Sem-I, Jan-2024New
48R42/2023Examination Result of M.Sc.-Nursing, Year-I, Dec-2023New
49R41/2023Examination Result of B.Tech. (Computer) Sem-III, Jan-2024New
50R40/2023Examination Result of B.Com. Sem-I, Jan-2024New
51R39/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Sem-I, Jan-2024New
52R39/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Sem-I, Jan-2024New
53R38/2023Examination Result of B.C.A., Sem-III, Dec-2023New
54R37/2023Examination Result of M.Sc. (Microbiology & Chemistry) Sem-I, Jan-2024New
55R36/2023Examination Result of B.Tech. (Computer) Sem-V, Dec-2023New
56R35/2023Examination Result of B.Sc., Sem-III, Dec-2023New
57R34/2023Examination Result of B.P.T., Year-I, Dec-2023New
58R33/2023Examination Result of M.Sc, Sem-III, Dec-2023New
59R32/2023Result of Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) Sem-III, Dec-2023New
60R31/2023Result of Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) Sem-I, Dec-2023New
61R30/2023Result of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Sem-I, Dec-2023New
62R29/2023Result of Ph. D. Course Work (AY-2022-23) Exam;Oct/Nov-2023New
63R28/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Nursing, Sem-I, Nov-2023 (Remedial)New
64R27/2023Examination Result of B.Pharm, Sem-I, Oct-2023 (Remedial)New
65R26/2023Examination Result of M.P.T. Year-I, Nov-2023 (Remedial)New
66R25/2023Examination Result of B. Pharm. Sem-II, Oct-2023New
67R24/2023Examination Result of M.S.W. Sem-II, Oct-2023 (Remedial)New
68R23/2023Examination Result of M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) Sem-II, Oct-2023 (Remedial)New
69R22/2023Examination Result of PGDMLT, Sept-2023 (Remedial)New
70R21/2023Examination Result of Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm.) Year-I, Aug-2023New
71R20/2023Examination Result of B.C.A. Sem-2 (Remedial), Aug-2023New
72R19/2023Examination Result of B.B.A. Sem-2 (Remedial), Aug-2023New
73R18/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Nursing Semester-I, Aug-2023New
74R17/2023Examination Result of B.Tech, (Computer) Sem-IV, July-2023New
75R16/2023Examination Result of B.Sc. Sem-II, July-2023New
76R15/2023Examination Result of M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) Sem-II, July-2023New
77R14/2023Examination Result of First Year Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T.), June-2023New
78R13/2023Examination Result of B. B. A. Sem-II, May-2023New
79R12/2023Examination Result of B.Pharm. Sem-I, May-2023New
80R11/2023Examination Result of B. C. A. Sem-II May-2023New
81R10/2023Examination Result of P. G. D. M. T., May-2023New
82R9/2023Examination Result of Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) , Sem-II, May-2023New
83R8/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) Sem-I (Remedial) April-2023New
84R7/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Sem-I (Remedial) April-2023New
85R6/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Sem-I, February-2023New
86R5/2023Examination Result of Master of Science (M. Sc.) Organic Chemistry, Sem-I, February-2023New
87R4/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Computer Sem-III, February-2023New
88R3/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) Sem-I, January-2023New
89R2/2023Examination Result of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Sem-I, January-2023New
90R1/2023Examination Result of Master of Social Work (M.S.W) Sem-I, January-2023New

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