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International Partnership & Global Relationship Cell

international collaboration

I.P.G.R. Cell
Nowadays international collaboration is regarded as an effectual tool of excellence in education. The major intention of International Affairs Cell is to expand international relations of Vidhyadeep University in educational, technical and cultural domains. The International Affairs Cell of Vidhyadeep University works on academic mobility and scientific research cooperation. International Affairs Cell focuses on International cooperation as well as support for organization of International conferences, seminars and presentations etc.
Partnership is at the heart of Vidhyadeep’s international activity. Through a global network of relationships, of varying degrees of formality, these affiliations serve to generate the collaboration, reciprocity and exchange that outstanding international research and teaching requires.
Vidhyadeep’s formal global partnerships are especially important as pillars of the University’s internationalization strategy. Partnerships with universities abroad, often initiated by faculty members, encourage and support international research and teaching collaborations, undergraduate and graduate exchanges and staff and administrative exchanges. These durable ties create the capacity for faculty and students to enhance and sustain academic cooperation by moving across borders with the institutional support of their home and host universities.

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