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Educational Visit of Historical Place Dilwara Temple


DATE 02/03/2023
TIME 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM
ORGANISING INSTITUE Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology (Diploma)
EVENT COORDINATOR(S) Mr. Divyesh Patel, Mrs. Arti Varma



To aware the civil engineering students and know about the ancient structure built by our great architect and engineers in so many years ago.

Details of the Program

The Dilwara Temple or Delvada Temples are considered the most beautiful pilgrimages sites for Jains. The Dilwara temple is famous for its spectacular use of marble in its making. These temples have a group of Shvetambara Jain Temples located about 2.5km from Mount Abu. The Dilwara temples were earliest built by Vimal Shah and supposedly designed or at least financed by Vastupala, Jain Minister of Dholka.

The temple was built between the 11th to 13th A.D. by the Chalukya Dynasty. Their temples are in the style of “MARU GURJARA” architecture, famous for their use of very pure white marble and intricate marble carvings.

The Key Features

The Dilwara temple architecture style and inspired by “NAGARA STYLE” and a collection of Ancient Manuscripts. Dilwara temples consist of 5 temples of the same size and all of them are single-storied. There are 48 pillars in all the temples that have the beautiful status of females in different dancing gestures. The main attraction of this temple is ‘Rang Mandapa’ which is in the dome-shaped ceiling.

It has a chandelier-like structure in the middle of the roof, and the 16 idols of ‘Vidya Devi’, the goddess of knowledge, are made of stone surround it. The other designs of carvings include Lotus, gods, and abstract patterns, all of these ceilings, doorways, pillars, and panels have minutely carved ornamental details which shows its uniqueness of architectural. It is also important to notice that at that time there was no transportation system for such huge big blocks of marble at 1200 meters in height. The Elephants were used to transport white marble on their backs from Arasuri hills at Ambaji to Mount Abu.

About 51 students and 7 faculties were visited this dilwara temple and the guide guided us and give brief knowledge about the temple. Students get so much knowledge and know about the skill of engineer’s and labors.

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